Pendragon Tonkinese

tonkinese kittens

Getting Your Tonk

We welcome inquiries on our kittens at any time:

We place our kittens with a spay/neuter agreement. We will not provide a Pedigree Certificate (blue slip) without proof of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian.  Once we have received proof that your cat has been spayed or neutered, we'll provide you with the blue slip to register your kitten with the CFA, at your own expense.  The current CFA fee for regular registration of a cat/kitten is $16/$21.


Adult Cats

We may occasionally have adult cats who have been retired from our breeding program. To understand why breeders sometimes place adult cats, see the article, “Why do Breeders Find New Homes for Adult Cats?”


Health Guarantee

The health of our Tonkinese kittens is paramount. All kittens are placed with a written Health Guarantee. Vaccinations and dewormings are up-to-date. You will be provided with written health record at the time of delivery



A non refundable reservation fee of $600.00 will hold your kitten until they are ready for placement no earlier than 12 weeks of age. The reservation fee is applied to the adoption fee. An adoption agreement will be emailed to you for your signature after you have been approved for adoption. Please review the agreement carefully. Please sign the agreement and return it by U.S. mail along with the reservation fee. The balance for the kitten is due prior to placement .



Per USDA guidelines, shipping your kitten is only available under certain circumstances. We at Pendragon will consider kitten delivery methods other than cargo hold on a case by case basis. Cost of shipping your kitten and travel carrier is additional.


Food and Water

We feed Iams kitten dry food, and Fancy Feast non-gravy canned. We recommend using the food we feed in the beginning, however, you may change your kittens diet to any premium food you or you veterinarian desire



We do not recommend using a clumping litter with kittens due to risk of ingestion and intestinal blockage. Consequently, we recommend using a wood pellet litter (found in any hardware store known as wood fuel pellets), or paper pellet litter such as “Yesterday's News”.

We appreciate and look forward to receiving emails, cards and letters with pictures, so that we can watch our kitten grow with you.